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Loona Biografie von Loona

Loona ist ein niederländisches Musikprojekt um Marie-José van der Kolk. Bis war DJ Sammy Mitglied der Band, seit führt van der Kolk das Projekt alleine weiter. Loona ist ein niederländisches Musikprojekt um Marie-José van der Kolk (* September in IJmuiden). Bis war DJ Sammy Mitglied der Band, seit. Diese Diskografie ist eine Übersicht über die musikalischen Werke von Loona. Bis galt Loona als Musik-Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit DJ Sammy. UBER LOONA. Die Geschichte beginnt Anfang der 90er Jahre, als das junge Mädchen Marie-José van der Kolk aus der malerischen. Loona ‐ Wiki: Alter, Größe und mehr. Loona feiert mit ihrer Debütsingle "Bailando​" einen Riesenerfolg. Später sorgt die Sängerin mit ihrer Beziehung zu.


Diese Diskografie ist eine Übersicht über die musikalischen Werke von Loona. Bis galt Loona als Musik-Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit DJ Sammy. Mit "Bailando" feierte Loona gemeinsam mit DJ Sammy ihren Durchbruch und keines ihrer Lieder darf seitdem bei einer Party fehlen - bis heute. UBER LOONA. Die Geschichte beginnt Anfang der 90er Jahre, als das junge Mädchen Marie-José van der Kolk aus der malerischen.

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Loona Von da an ging es steil please click for source. AT 8 11 Wo. Juni als Carisma. Sie ist sich ziemlich sicher, was ihren Berufswunsch angeht: read article will einfach auf der Bühne stehen mit viel Publikum".
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Loona (43) ist der Inbegriff von Sommer, Sonne und Party. Aber als RTL die Sängerin zum Interview ihres Hit-Remakes "Bailando" trifft, erzählt. Der Name Loona (angelehnt an luna, spanisch für Mond) stand von 19für ein niederländisches Musikprojekt von Sängerin Marie-Jose van der Kolk. Mit „Bailando“ landete Loona einen Mega-Hit. Später war sie unter anderem in der „Popstars“-Jury zu sehen. Was die niederländische Sängerin heute. Mit "Bailando" feierte Loona gemeinsam mit DJ Sammy ihren Durchbruch und keines ihrer Lieder darf seitdem bei einer Party fehlen - bis heute.

Loona Video

Segye Ilbo. Its really freaking me. Start a Wiki. She prefers 4-leaf clovers just click for source 3-leaf clovers. Could it be because her designed color is dark blue? People think Chuu looks like Gugudan This web page. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Loona - Loonas richtiger Name ist Marie-José van der Kolk

AT 8 11 Wo. DE 63 5 Wo. DE 13 16 Wo. DE 26 9 Wo. Das Album "Lunita" kommt in die Läden und kann Platz 13 erklimmen. Colors Urban. Und Tanzstunden nimmt sie auch. Erstveröffentlichung: 5. Loona kann mit der zweiten Single "Hijo de la luna" schon kurz darauf einen weiteren NummerHit in ihrem Steckbrief verzeichnen. Juli und konnte sich auf Platz 64 der Singlecharts platzieren. Das verrät die Sängerin click the following article ihre Zukunft. Danach wurde es etwas ruhiger und das lag nicht nur an dem Album 5 streaming babylon of Time", das Balladen versammelte. Die Single Por visit web page noche erschien am Juni stieg Vamos a la playa in den dänischen Charts auf Platz 31 ein und steigerte sich in der Folgewoche auf Platz Moonrise Sony. DE 50 7 Wo. SchweighГ¶fer filme 25 9 Https:// Sie sind hier: news. El Tiburon Universal. Platin 1. Loona kann mit der zweiten Single "Hijo de la luna" schon kurz darauf einen weiteren NummerHit in ihrem Loona verzeichnen. loona

On October 23, the promised " Loonatic English Version " was released across international platforms. On November 14, Yves was revealed as the ninth member.

On November 28, " Yves " was released with her solos "new" and "D-1". On December 13, " The Carol 2. On December 14, Chuu was revealed as the tenth member.

On January 15, Go Won was revealed as the eleventh member. Two days later, the first ever official fan event was announced to be held on February 3.

On the day, the member was revealed to be Olivia Hye. The album was released on May 30 along with a music video release for the lead single.

They subsequently released teasers on January 11, 21, and The album contains six new songs including the title track "Butterfly".

The single reached number 1 on the US iTunes singles chart, becoming the first Korean girl group to do so. It was later confirmed he group would be coming back with the mini album titled [ ] Hash in the new year.

On January 8, , BlockBerryCreative announced that member Haseul will not partake in their upcoming comeback promotion schedules due to being diagnosed with anxiety, and will take a temporary hiatus until her recovery.

The group will continue promotions with eleven members. On January 10, a second teaser video titled " 2" was released, confirming their comeback date to be February 5.

The fourth teaser and preview were released on the 30th and 31st, respectively. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. I think the current group photo is better because all of them can be seen equally. She prefers dresses over pants and one of her role models is Ariana Grande a woman with taste, I see.

She wanted to debut in a girl group. She has 2 younger brothers. She was a part of FNC Academy. Her former modelling name was Viian Wong.

It is written with no Chinese characters to represent them — just in the Latin alphabet in given name-then-surname order, like a regular western name.

All the girls are in the Practical Music Department and perhaps even classmates. There is no Taiwanese singer called ChaeRim.

Their are no official sources to confirm any of that and I suggest it is best not to add speculation until concrete evidence can be found.

I understand it can be tempting to add new info that people find, but they might not be reliable whatsoever.

Until then, you should probably just leave her section short until she releases her single or more official info is found.

Her official color has not been confirmed yet, so you should probably remove that. In all WNG teasers so far, the font color corresponded to their official colors.

She also sings the bridge together with Kim Lip CHOERRY lead dancer she's a great dancer , lead rapper she's good at rapping , vocalist, center she stands at the center the most , visual she represents korean beauty standards , maknae.

Chuu would visit a specific store a lot when she was in high school, she will miss it now that she has graduated. In a predebut video of Vivi you can see the polaris logo at back.

Hyunjin was seen practicing in the polaris building,. Also, Vivi was presented publicly in February, her solo was just released in April.

I referenced my assumption on months based on the reversed concept of the third unit. Yves had a crazy short period, huh?

Just my guess. What do you guys think? Look at this photo. In the latest LoonaTV episode the th special , Yeojin said she became a trainee around the same time as Choerry and Haseul did.

Keep in mind the photo might not be accurate for their heights. Go Won could be standing on a stool or wearing heels or the photo could even be edited in some way to make them look around the same height.

That being said, someone said Olivia Hye is cm, which would make her one of the taller members. I also think it would be more fair to have the poll started again when LOONA debuts, so all the members to have equal chances.

Olivias animal is wolf and her colour is black and grey. We know this since theres a wolf in her MV, her intro is black and her name is written in grey on her album.

Olivia was just revealed lmao of course not a lot are gonna bias her, and jinsoul is the most popular probably by a bigger gap than even shown here.

That is just a name used by fans but nothing was officially confirmed. The new sub unit name is still to be announced!

We still have to wait till May! Gowon: I prefer Jinsoul. I really like her voice. Jinsoul has two official colours: blue and black.

Olivia Hye is cm tall. But, as I mentioned before, we have in plan both profiles for all Loona sub-units and also individual profiles for all the members.

Olivia hye is a mixture of twice mina and mamamoo moonbyul also a little resemblance of sonamoo d. Just personally, I would switch Chuu and Yves rapping positions in the third unit.

As per fan request we thought of resetting the poll now that all the members have been presented. Or should we wait until the band actually debuts?

Feel free to share your thoughts! I suspect that the birds line are mainly vocals,mammals line are dancers while other creature line are rappers.

Chuu and Go Won both trained for a month! Who ever changed tge ot12 picture is probably a loona stan, they know whats up with the white outfits.

Jinsoul is about while lip is tall too but shorter than her.. Do it now. It would be fair if we can vote for all the members equally and no one is advantaged.

Also, it would make no sense to keep voting on this poll anymore, so please release the new poll. Maybe something like yeris situation with rv at first.

So far Jinsoul is the only member who is confirmed to have 2 colors. Vivi can speak English too. Her little sister is half French so her family speaks to him in English.

Is it weird because the reason I got attached to Go Won and she became my bias is because I think I dreamed of her on the past?

Like last year or I have this weird thing of predicting or foreseeing by dreams which happened alot. I didnt noticed until 9th grade. Choerry she is known for her rapping so I still believe she would rap because fans will also be disappointed if she wont she is also know for her activeness and positiveness through her dance.

It says JinSoul is closest to Choerry and Hyunjin. Hey guys. I think i might fail at this myself. But when they debut as ot Lets try not to fight too much about who has what position.

And lets try not to inflate members positions. Theres 12 members its okay if someone is just a vocalist. Ahaha Olivia is such a cutie!

Not all idols get to make those decisions sadly…. Jinsoul must be a lead vocalist. I think Hyunjin, Jinsoul, and Vivi are visuals since I saw a group that has 12 members and has 3 visuals.

Just to let you know, Yves is the confirmed tallest, the second is JinSoul, and the third is Olivia. Smallest is YeoJin. We know that Yves is either cm old MariShe profile or cm Nov-Dec fan sign , so JinSoul and Olivia are more or less just under this cm range.

Therefore, HeeJin cannot be cm, HyunJin cannot be cm, and HaSeul cannot be cm when she is obviously much shorter than HyunJin so it cannot be a 1cm difference.

I would like to see her performing. Love her. I see…. Like what??? I agree could you please add the probable positions to give the new fans a heads up on what they can do or what they are capable of.

Olivia Hye goes to the same school as Choerry, and she had to pretend that she did not know Choerry before she was released!

She raps in Heart Attack anyway…. Can you please change their group photo into this it ahs their logo and color and it looks better….

Can you please add their basic postions like Rapper,Dancer,vocal…. Personally, I prefer the current picture. The colors here are cute, very bright and appealing, but they all have different concepts and their outfits have different color schemes, so to some people who come across this image, it might look more like 12 separate members, rather than 1 whole group.

Also, in your comment, you should have mentioned that it was your personal opinion that yours looked better. Just something to remember in the future.

Chuu and Yves made a cameo as background characters in the drama, Part Time Idol. You are still going to make Sub-Unit Profile right???

ViVi — Sub vocal im sorry but i really think vivi should be a sub vocal, im not saying she doesnt have a good voice, but her voice doesnt seem like a lead or main.

Yves — main dancer, Lead or sub vocal this girl can dance- and to be honest i was debating whether she would be a sub or lead vocal sure she can hit some high notes but her voice- i dont know how to say it-.

Jinsoul- Main rapper, vocalist even the loona members said she is a good rapper in the group, she can hit some high notes with her vocals but it look like it needs more improvment sorry!

Kim Lip — Lead or main vocal, Lead dancer MAYBE visual her voice is really cool it literally gives me shivers everytime i hear her voice, and she can dance pretty well, as for her visuals she seems like she can pull it off being a visual- do i look im biasing her to much?

Chuu — Main or lead vocal, sub or lead rapper I like her voice it at first it felt like i was hearing a professional sing, and she rapped a bit in heart attack, i think she raps pretty well.

Heejin — lead or sub vocal, lead or sub rapper im really feeling neutral about this, her voice sounds so well and so does her rap but im getting a feeling that its not as good as the other members.

Gowon — sub vocal, sub or lead rapper One and only was the first song i ever heard from loona and her voice dosnt seem that developed im being honest, but her rap is okay.

Yeojin -Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, Maknae can dance pretty well, her vocals are pretty good and so is her rap.

ViVi Vocalist She may be one of the weak vocalist if Loona but she can still pack a punch with her soft voice Visual An article was created for her being the next top visual of Korea because of her Korean Beauty Standard Face.

Yves Main Dancer Moves are on point, dances elegantly probably the best dancer of Loona Lead Vocalist Great falsettos and has a powerful voice and is capable of high notes Rapper Her rap in D-1 is really great and I can see BBC giving her a little raps.

Kim Lip Lead Vocalist Falsetto Queen has a great soft and soothing voice gets nasally sometimes but still a great vocalist Lead Dancer Just like Yves moves are on point and dances elegantly.

HyunJin Lead Dancer Her dances in Mixnine is just everything she never disappoints when it comes to dancing Vocalist Airy sometimes but still a great vocalist Visual Another beauty member of Loona.

Hyunjin in whole loona. Heejin- lead dancer, lead vocalist, rapper, visual Hyunjin- lead dancer, vocalist Haseul- leader, main vocalist, rapper Yeojin- lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae Vivi- vocalist Kim Lip- main dancer, lead vocalist Jinsoul- main rapper, lead vocalist, visual Choerry- lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist Yves- main dancer, lead vocalist, lead rapper?

Chuu- main vocalist, rapper GoWon- main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, visual? Olivia- lead dancer, vocalist, visual. Olivia Hye was my first bias but Go Won is now tied.

I think Chuu and Haseul are the only ones with set positions. I think this is the closest we can get to the truth Dance Line All got choreography videos : — Kim Lip: Said her specialty was dance in an interview — Yves: Was hyped by the other members.

Same goes for the vocals. The rap situation is really up in the air so we just have to wait for OT12 and adjust as time goes on.

I think the vocal positions are really on point except Heejin might be a main vocal. And I seriously think every member of the dance line could be a main dancer except for Choerry, so I really hope it becomes clear when OT12 debuts but I think the dance positions will be the most controversial since most of them seem to be really close in terms of skill.

It might turn out to be like a Got7 or NCT situation where almost every member is in the dance line. Dance Line: Yves — How she dances is very graceful but at the same time very powerful.

Rap Line: JinSoul — Has the best flow and rhythm and her charisma just makes her more breath-taking Main Rapper Heejin — 2nd best rapper of LOONA has nothing wrong with her rap and her deep voice is just amazing Lead Rapper Choerry — Great rapper has a great flow and rhythm too Lead Rapper Go Won — Great rapper too although has a problem with her breathing technique but she still is a great rapper Lead Rapper Yves and Yeojin might be Sub-Rappers but we just have to wait and see.

Kim Lip said that Loona will officially debut in August! Sorry for bad English. Could you make profiles for each of the three sub units?

No, Jinsoul and Olivia Hye both have two designated colours: Jinsoul has blue as her main colour and Olivia Hye has silver, but they both share a lead colour, black.

I would also like to know who is the girl from the group photo that dressed in yellow, who shows a V sign, from the right pretty please?

I still mix up some of the members XDDD. Can you please change the photo into this. Koreans have been outsourcing songwriters ever since kpop took off.

It makes kpop more unique. ViVi 2. Yves 3. JinSoul 4. HaSeul 5. Kim Lip 6. Chuu 7. Heejin 8. HyunJin 9. Go Won Cheorry Olivia Hye Well they should stop buying so many crappy throw away songs because imo south koreans compose better music.

I love loonas visual aspect but i hate their music. Many of their songs are also produced by Monotree, also a South Korean music production company.

Hyeongseo of Busters wants to be close to Olivia Hye. Why do 2 of the 3 sub-units have profiles? No hate, take your time x. VIVI vocalist — not a strong vocalist.

YEOJIN lead dancer — she has great control of her body, we can see it through her pre-debut dance covers, very good dancer.

I will edit my comment. One of the biggest things that sets this apart from the rest of Kpop for me, is the story behind it all.

They have serious coin behind them and have already spent so much. I hope bbc will let her both rap and sing.

I have to disagree with the heejin being better that kim lip at dancing. Heejin is good, but in loona tvs Kim Lip was always praised as one of the best dancers in loona, and she deserves that positions.

Go Won — Dancer Choerry —??? Olivia Hye —??? YeoJin — Dancer. Height — cm. Height — cm She said it herself. In the future, if any of these members can shockingly improve either their Dance, Raps, or even Vocals, they would probably get the Lead Positions for it, same goes for the Main Positions as well.

Kim Lip was trained to be a dancer and Haseul more specifically was trained to be an opera singer.

Vivi: Sub Vocalist. Chuu: Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper. So who would the official visual be? But the visual of the group I feel is something you can decide pre-debut.

I mostly see Jinsoul being the official visual since she seems to be the more popular and hyped of the visuals though HyunJin is pretty high too.

However, Vivi has been talked about being the next popular visual of this generation and has had many modeling gigs before Loona.

But usually Kai or Chanyeol is considered the official visual. Their offical debut is the 19th. Olivia seemed to have a few vocal driven parts as well.

Though it was hard to tell who was all signing as the video went pretty fast. The rap line will be hard to tell as their was no rapping but Jinsoul, Choerry, Go Won, And even YeoJin had little riffs that could usually go to rappers.

Vivi is hard to tell as she was barely shown in the video but I can probably say she is considered a vocalist. I agree with lead vocal for Kim Lip, I just got main vocal vibes because she got way more lines than I thought she would and sounded up to par with Chuu in the MV.

The only reason I think Chuu could be is because she actually does have a huge fan following, and had a small fan base even before she was revealed to be in Loona but HeeJin is definitely most likely Fotg.

GO WON — lead rapper: well this is confirmed so yeah; — lead dancer: was trained to be a dancer, and she was at the center during the chorus; — vocalist.

Can we add that Heejin is the face of the group? It also helps that she was one of the fan favorites on MixNine so it only gives her more credibility that she is the face of the group.

Tbh i saw her as a lead dancer in the group probobly her moves are so good. I agree!!! If I would rank in terms of dancing it would be like this.

Yves 2. Heejin 3. HyunJin 4. Kim Lip 5. Go Won 7. Choerry 8. YeoJin 9. ViVi Chuu Even though she has small lines she still helped JinSoul build up to the highnote.

Had the most lines. BBC is also confident with her vocal skills. Lead Vocal Yves — did a little bit of ad-libs and had a lot of lines too.

Lead Vocal. Lead Dancer. Has 2 rap lines in favorite and rapped in 6 songs songs with mv. Lead Rapper or Rapper. Visual VIVI — was in an article sayong she will be the next top visual of Kpop meaning industry also finds her pretty.

Sally is a lead dancer. I guess we just have to wait for Aug. Could you make the marked things like NAME: in the colors the members represent?

Like Haseul rn has red but green is her color. Hyunjin : Main Dancer, Visual, Vocalist. Haseul: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rapper.

Vivi : Vocalist, Visual 6. Choerry : Lead Dancer, Vocalist. Yves : Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist. Chuu : Main Vocalist. Go Won : Lead Rapper, Vocalist Olivia Hye : Lead Dancer, Vocalist.

We have two new sub-units! These are the line-ups:. Yves is also part of the visual line. Also, Olivia Hye is a lead vocalist.

That was her position in yyxy. Chuu and Haseul are both rappers. ViVi is a lead dancer. It is confirmed tho. They posted it on their fancafe.

Just because they dont confirm it to intl fans, dosent mean its not confirmed. Jinsoul is widely regarded as a visual among overseas fans and Choerry also conforms to Korean beauty standards.

She absolutely is. She hits every Korean beauty standard in the book. She said it was her first time performing in front of her parents and Orbits and that she was nervous.

Are the positions really confirmed? Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest. You may also like. Kpop Polls Who is your favourite Chinese Kpop idol?

Kpop Polls Poll: Which female idol looks best with ombre hair? She has been added. Thanks for the additional info!

Moira Mercado. Yeojin debuted on January 15, with her solo song Kiss Later. Taelyn Parker. Could you add Kim Lip to the bias vote list?

Hope this was enough information lol. Kim lip has braces. Kim Lip has trained for 1 year and 2 months. Tris Prior. I am getting more excited every month because of this.

Jinsoul full name is Jung Jinsoul. That cute face tho. Jinsoul is born in Thanks for the info! Deluxe :D. Jinsoul is represented by a fish.

Quite possibility. But in her teaser she is shown with bright blue around her and on her. Vivi korean name is hwang kahi.

Vivi korean name hwang kahi. Cara Mann. Thanks for re-confirming this news! Marilou Cantwell.

Thanks for the comment! Joshua Chen. I think she should be at least around cm. Lisa Salazar. HyunJin: She is a girl of many talents.

HeeJin: Her confidence is really great and I envy it. HaSeul: Her dancing is really beautiful. ViVi: She always has a cool look because she is good at sports.

It is a strong point as a singer. HeeJin: The fact that she loves her voice is an important aspect as a singer. HyunJin: She is good at communicating.

ViVi: She is good at expressing her feelings because she is good with words. HeeJin: She has a lot of charms.

Hyunjin: Her speech and actions are really cute and charming. Paska Juncaj. Thanks for posting all these interesting interviews!

Choerry is born Add choerry in the poll please. Choerry born in She has been added, thanks for the heads up!

They are pretty old tho xD. Vivi thinks that Jinsoul is pretty. Cheorry was born in Bucheon. Thanks for commenting!

The Carol Official MV Teaser MV HaSeul Official MV JinSoul Official MV HeeJin MV The company likes the pure image probably.

She had no hesitations in that process as well Her dad works in the construction industry and mom as a house wife.

Christina Mulloy. I think they said his name was Oo Cho. I love helping. Haseul: I get along with all the members hahahaha Yeojin: : Is there anyone who wants to visit the sea?

Haseul is scared of water. Yeah xD. Kyla T-T. Why no mention about the august girl? The girls took a brake, there will be no August girl.

Hyunjin is friends with Jooeun of DIA. KimLip,Choerry and Jinsoul went to America together. Tiffany Woozworld. So Yeojin has yet to get her subunit… Maybe the next member will be young like Yeojin?

I wished too. Blink Love Blackpink. Can u order them from the current oldest to the youngest. You always keep us updated! I love you!

Thank you! Nouran Gamih. JunHui Wen. Kim lip more looks like jiwoo not somin on this picture. The only animal Heejin is afraid of is a pigeon.

Elle Thirwall. Karen Chua. Jinsoul has 2 dimples and Haseul has 1 dimple. A whole New World. KimLip can play piano, guitar and violin.

Her nickname is also Kimberly Lippington. My damn western brain lol. Possibly next week? No problem.

Happy to help. Many fans who have met them have said that Choerry is really positive and is always smiling.

Yves is a From predebut modelling we found out Yves was born on the 25th of October, Kevin Irawan. Yves height is cm and her weight is 46 kg and her bday is oct Thanks for the information!

Hyunjin is friends with a lot of idols and trainnes. Toren K. Yves trained for 3 weeks before debuting. Sassy pantaloons.

Omg really?!? All of the members rock! She was in Girl Front right? Is Heejin still the leader of Loona?

No, Haseul is. Jinsoul is the closest with Hyunjin. Was she always the leader? KimLip The Owl. Hey girl. Hyunjin apperantly passed the first elimination on MixNine.

Thanks for the update! Chuu birthday is Oct 20, Amaryllis Anemone. The stature and face looks like her, and they have her name under the description too.

You should add that people think that Chuu also looks like Naeun from April. Belladini Lovely Simabur. Karlee Kitsune. Companies usually make their idols seem taller than they are when writing profiles.

Chuu said that her ideal type is a man like her father. Source: her instagram. Jordan Hornett. Thanks for these good news!

Joseph Icaonapo. Those are apperantly the positions in odd eye circle or smth. Chuu is close to Yeri of Red Velvet.

They even have a picture of them together. Gowon dropped out of high school to become a trainee. Thanks for all your hard work.

Jichu, chicken is ready. Go won looks like Yeeun from CLC. Yeojin used to be in the same room as OEC but it changed recently.

Than where did they state that? They will debut on 29 Feb In Loona official YouTube channel has teaser loona clip yesterday.

Cat L. Oh I also forgot to share this but! And the black label which is under YG. If you have any questions, you can ask me!

HeeJin has 2 moles Loona TV episode I think you should add that yves has also a mixture of Twice Nayeon when she smile. That is not entirely correct….

What school is this? Idk why but I was hoping it would be black lol. Ravi Ramkisoon. Olivia Hye was born on November 13, OliviaHye can punch me.

I love your name. Faye Young. Donquixote Doflamingo. Besides Mina and Sana, Olivia really resembles Boa in her recent teaser.

Go Won actually no longer attends school. She dropped out her high school to focus on an idol career.

Why are people saying Olivia resembles Mina or Sana? I only see Moonbyul x. Me tooo!!! She can be mix of mina and moonbyul.

Oh my goodness!!! Do you have a source for this interview? Actually, Heejin gets the adlibs not Haseul.

Jinsoul is definitely the visual of oec. Olivia Hye has an older sister. Ria Papadopoulou. Ario Febrianto. Sylainne Roblox.

It is pretty accurate. For now, we have only seen the last unit with the fruits. Does this mean Jinsoul is the tallest member???

Aina Choi. If Yves is really and Jinsoul should be about So Olivia is the tallest. Jinsoul is the tallest member follwed by Yves then Olivia.

Unik Limbu. Go Won said that she loves her stage name. Please give me the link, please. Dane Hernando.

Can haseul speak english or other members? Haseul and Chuu are the english speakers of Loona. Eun-Kyung Cheong. Are you guys new fans??

Are you guys new fans? Corner candy shop. Its really freaking me out. I am, I just got into them a few months ago. Niha Nalla.

Anyone knows which is the Jolin song that Vivi sang? Did the votings restart? Why is Olivia Hye her stage name when she prefers to be called by her real name Hyejoo?

Henry Duarte-Diaz. Please be appropriate in this comment section. John Phan. Chang Kwang Oh. Shy Squirrel. Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad.

Ruby Moon. Thanks for the info and for providing the source! Claire Q. Heejin could also be a rapper. I hope loona would be like Pristin were they dont have permanent positions.

Juju jaja. G I-DLE has allot of covers already even when they were trainees. Could you please add their probable positions..

Olivia Hye is the only member not afraid of heights. Chae Lyn. GoWon is definitely a Dancer.

Erik Ramirez. No need… because they were already complete when they reset it before. Possible positions sorry if it looks like im biasing one of the members XD haseul — leader, Main or Lead vocal, Visual i couldnt decide for her vocals because their just amazing and i think she has really good visuals in the group ViVi — Sub vocal im sorry but i really think vivi should be a sub vocal, im not saying she doesnt have a good voice, but her voice doesnt seem like a lead or main Yves — main dancer, Lead or sub vocal this girl can dance- and to be honest i was debating whether she would be a sub or lead vocal sure she can hit some high notes but her voice- i dont know how to say it- Jinsoul- Main rapper, vocalist even the loona members said she is a good rapper in the group, she can hit some high notes with her vocals but it look like it needs more improvment sorry!

Why did all the information under Hyunjin etc change lettertype? It was a formatting error, thanks for the heads up, it has been solved.

Lily Perez. I agree! Yeah this looks good. I think this is it. They must have an individual profile for there sub unit. King Koo. Aki Kuraragi.

Kendall sharp. When was Jinsoul asked if she was the prettiest? I hope people remember me.. Welcome back! Thank You!

Angel Christine Medina. How is it really kpop when majority of their songs are written by swedish songwriters?? Haha no prob… Loona fans are always happy to help and welcome new fans.

Because the language. Fandom name is orbit T T. Diamond Stephenson. Why is Vivi so underappreciated? CJ Tauwhare. Questionable Choices.

Height — cm She said it herself Yeojin: Position — Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae Height — cm In the future, if any of these members can shockingly improve either their Dance, Raps, or even Vocals, they would probably get the Lead Positions for it, same goes for the Main Positions as well.

Hyunjin and Olivia Hye were trained to be dancers. Yeseo Lee. So many scorpios lmao they are gonna crash the kpop industry scorpio power.

When will the positions be updated? After their debut song or after BBC speaks up about it? Bobby ortiz.

I agree with everything! I think Heejin is the fotg. And Kim Lip seems like a lead vocal more than a main vocal.

Yeojin lead dancer. Kim lip is main dancer too. I feel like the main dancer like should be yves, Kim lip, hyunjin, no shade to heejin tho.

Pretty sure Choerry is a lead dancer and lead rapper. If I would rank in terms of dancing it would be like this 1.

Kim Lip is the second center and main vocalist, not lead. Hi Im Odin. Alandria Penn. Ye she was part of a dance studio like other members for many years.

Can you please put Haseul, Vivi, Jinsoul, and Yves in the correct order. Because so many news praise her Visual….

Im vergangenen Read more feierte Loona ihr jähriges Bühnen-Jubiläum. CH 1 Gold 23 Wo. Loona hat einen neuen Loona an der Seite, der sie unterstützt. AT 52 6 Wo. März Here wurde still um sie — monatelang. Moonrise Sony. CH 88 2 Wo. Kostenlos registrieren. Heute journal wollte sie uns ihren neuen Song präsentieren.

Loona Loona hatte ihren Durchbruch als Sängerin mit dem Sommer-Hit "Bailando"

Wohlwollen Artikel Diskussion. Juni Moonrise Sony. Viva el Amor Colors. Gibt es einen reincarnated Mann im Leben von Loona? CH 75 5 Wo.

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