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Drei unkonventionelle und verrückte Familien erleben das tägliche Chaos des Zusammenlebens. Jay Pritchett und seine wesentlich jüngere Frau Gloria erziehen gemeinsam Glorias Sohn Manny. Jays Tochter, die überfürsorgliche Claire, lebt mit ihrem. Grün markierte Einträge bezeichnen die Hauptdarsteller/Stammbesetzung der Serie. Javier Delgado. Gloria Pritchett. Der vollständige Cast von Modern Family bei NITRO. Alle Darsteller im Überblick​. Modern Family Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Aubrey Anderson​-Emmons, Jennifer Tilly, Norman Lloyd u.v.m. Los Angeles. Hollywood trauert um einen beliebten Komiker: Der aus Filmen und Serien wie „Modern Family“ bekannte Schauspieler Fred.

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Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Modern Family: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Sofía Vergara · Jesse Tyler Ferguson · Ty Burrell · Julie Bowen · Eric Stonestreet · Ed O'Neill . Drei unkonventionelle und verrückte Familien erleben das tägliche Chaos des Zusammenlebens. Jay Pritchett und seine wesentlich jüngere Frau Gloria erziehen gemeinsam Glorias Sohn Manny. Jays Tochter, die überfürsorgliche Claire, lebt mit ihrem.

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Fan werden. Aubree Young. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Edward Norton. Er ist auf einer Farm in Missouri aufgewachsen. Reine Nervensache. Die Beiden gehen durch Https://, trennen sich oft und kommen immer wieder zusammen.

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Modern Family ... and their real life partners Als Frank Dunphy sorgte Fred Willard in der Serie Modern Family für Lacher. Nun ist der Schauspieler gestorben und seine Co-Stars nehmen. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Sofía Vergara · Jesse Tyler Ferguson · Ty Burrell · Julie Bowen · Eric Stonestreet · Ed O'Neill . Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Modern Family: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Modern Family: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. "Luke Dunphy"-Darsteller Nolan Gold ist das komplette Gegenteil seines Seriencharakters. Während "Luke" eher einfach gestrickt ist, ist der Schauspieler​. Sarah Hyland Schauspielerin muss Hochzeit verschieben Ariel Winter. Learn more here Cohan. Becky Mann. Kaitlyn Dever. Krishnan Episode : 3.

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Archived from the original on November 22, They almost kiss on the couch before they hear other intruders and hide. When everyone leaves and it's safe for them to come back out, they blame their almost kiss on the sexiness of the house.

Once Haley exits the house, she immediately runs back in to give Andy a passionate kiss, which he willingly reciprocates.

In " Clean Out Your Junk Drawer ," it's revealed that they had sex, which leads to them having an affair since Andy is still engaged to Beth.

In " White Christmas ," Andy and Haley can't keep their hands off each other and they end up getting caught "putting their pants back on" in a locked closet.

Phil tells Andy that if this is something real, it's time for him to step up and be a man and tell Beth the truth. When Andy goes to break things off with Beth, she tells him that she has been cheating on him with two other guys for the past few months.

Andy and Beth break up, leaving Andy free to officially start dating Haley. Also, it was revealed in this episode that Andy passed his real estate license test after Haley helped him cram.

In " The Storm ," Andy tells Haley he wants to slow things down a bit between them in order for them to catch up emotionally to where they are physically so they don't burn out.

He says he wants to wait for the perfect moment so they can start their relationship right. Haley points out that the perfect moment is the one they are currently experiencing outside in the rain.

They then share a romantic kiss out in the storm. Tomato-soup-and-grilled-cheese Andy. Still-in-bed-by Andy. Uses-the-word-tummy Andy.

Phil and Haley tell Andy to take the job so he does. As they say goodbye to each other at the airport, Andy tells Haley he doesn't regret a single minute he spent with her and Haley tells Andy he is the first man she ever loved.

Before dating Haley, Andy was engaged to his long-distance, U. Coast Guard girlfriend, Beth , who he had dated for 10 years.

When Andy was 14 years old, his father died of cancer, leaving Andy the man of the house " The Help " ; sadly, it was Andy who had to pull the plug on his father in the hospital " American Skyper ".

In " Rash Decisions ," Andy tells Phil that he was born two months premature and weighed only three-and-a-half pounds.

Andy is described as a gentleman, with similar interests to Phil Dunphy. In " Other People's Children ," it is shown that Andy has a lot of the same traits and shares a similar sense of humor as Phil.

Andy and Phil share a fondness for doing British accents. Andy also has excellent comedic timing. The Help Gloria first meets Andy at the park playing with some children.

He introduces himself to her and says he is a male nanny. The woman he works for, Joan, is rude to Gloria.

Andy says it's because Joan thinks Gloria is going to steal her husband since he is always looking at her.

Gloria says she would never steal another woman's man, and especially not Joan's fat husband. Andy tells Gloria that Joan's husband is not fat anymore since Andy helped him lose 30 pounds.

He prides himself as kind of a chef. Gloria is so impressed with how good Andy is with the kids, his healthy cooking skills, and that he helped his employer lose 30 pounds that she offers him a job as Joe 's manny, thereby purposefully stealing him away from his mean employer, Joan.

However, Andy doesn't win over Jay and Manny as quickly. Jay compares him to Phil by saying, "He's a weird man, like Phil, only I have to pay for him.

Eventually, the two of them fire Andy and Gloria gets upset because they made her hire nannies she didn't like and she's the one that spends most of her time at the house.

Andy effectively calms an angry Gloria down, which prompts Jay to hire Andy back on the spot. A Fair to Remember Andy encounters Haley for the first time.

She has come over to her grandfather's house to drink his beer and sunbathe by his pool. She lies to Andy claiming she is Alex, but Andy instantly sees through it when she confuses him being a manny with him claiming to be her uncle Manny.

Andy warns Haley he is going to call Mr. P to tell them where the two missing beers went. He even tries to get proof by taking a picture of Haley out by the pool, drinking one of the beers.

Haley calls him a perv and Andy tries to get the beer out of Haley's hand, which causes her to drop it. Shards of glass fall into the pool and Andy is forced to go in to retrieve them since Haley refuses to do so.

Haley teases Andy about the existence of his U. Coast Guard girlfriend. Andy insists she is not imaginary and says it has not been a pleasure meeting Haley.

However, when Andy cuts himself on glass he is getting out of the pool, Haley holds his finger to put some pressure on it.

Haley asks him why he is a manny anyway, to which he replies that he likes kids and he's saving up for college. Later that night, unbeknownst to each other, Haley calls Gloria to confess she had a couple of beers by the pool and broke one of them, and Andy lies to Jay, saying he had a sip of beer by the pool after Joe went to sleep and a bottle broke.

Andy lied in order to take the blame for Haley and protect her from getting into trouble. However, Jay doesn't care because when his kids were small he used to drink beers after they went to sleep.

Andy says, "Thanks" and then smiles and adds in reference to Jay racing upstairs to have sex with Gloria , "And, be careful up there.

Later when Andy is decorating for Joe's party, Andy tells Jay that he wants the same playful banter that Jay has with Gloria in his own relationship.

Other People's Children Phil offers to help Andy make a video love letter as an anniversary present for Andy's girlfriend Beth, who Andy says he barely ever gets to see.

Andy accepts enthusiastically. While the two are making the video at the Dunphy house, Haley waits for her lunch date who is running a few hours late.

Andy says her date's behavior is so rude and that a real man would be more considerate of her time. She mockingly counters with, "That's why every year People magazine names the most considerate man alive.

Phil then shows up to apply makeup to Andy's face. Later, Haley steps in as the stand-in for Beth.

Andy lifts Haley up and holds her in his arms and looks deep into her eyes as he recites how much he loves his girlfriend. The look on Haley's face confirms she is beginning to fall for the nice guy.

When Haley's rude lunch date finally arrives, Haley tells him off by saying she would rather wait for someone who would walk through a blizzard for her and who only honks to support the troops.

Later, Haley watches Andy lovingly as he and Phil re-enact the movie "Gravity. The Wedding Part 1 Haley agrees to drive Andy to the airport.

He is planning to go to Utah to visit Beth. As they drive, Andy tells Haley that she is funny, pretty, and smart in an original way so why shouldn't a guy feel lucky to love her.

Although she pretends to shrug them off, Haley is secretly flattered and touched by his sincere compliments. When Andy's phone rings, he asks her to answer it because he doesn't want to put their lives at risk since he's driving.

Haley reads a text that his flight has been delayed and also sees a text from Beth telling Andy that it's over.

Andy says he'll wait for a taxi to pick him up at a coffee shop and Haley tells him she'll grab a coffee with him.

As they sit in the coffee shop, Haley takes a picture of Andy and Andy compliments her by saying that it is honestly the best picture anyone has ever taken of him.

Andy asks if he can send the picture to Beth and Haley decides to breach the subject of the text message she read and whether or not Andy is sure about getting on that plane.

Andy tells her that Beth does this from time to time because she just likes the drama. Andy doesn't want to discuss it anymore and gives Haley the keys to his car.

Haley leaves. The Wedding Part 2 Haley comes back to the coffee shop to talk to Andy. His flight has been delayed again and the wedding has been moved due to a fire.

Andy flirts by saying the fire explains Haley's smokin' dress. Haley then invites Andy to hang out at the wedding since he's just sitting around.

He replies that he isn't dressed for it, but, if he was with her, nobody would even notice him.

Haley tells Andy that he deserves better than Beth before she heads back to the wedding. Later, Andy calls Haley to ask if she meant anyone in particular when she said he deserved better.

She lies and tells him that she was speaking generally and that the hardest part is just figuring out what you want. Andy says that's what he thought and they say goodbye to each other disappointed.

Unbeknownst to Haley, Andy pulls away in a taxi that he was waiting in right outside the house. The Cold Haley and Andy talk about what happened between them the day of the wedding.

They both agree that they are better off as friends. Andy says it would have been a disaster if they had kissed and that the kiss would have affected Haley more than him.

Haley seems offended so Andy clarifies by saying that kissing her would have rocked his world since she is so pretty and out of his league, but he still insists that it would have hit her harder.

Haley tries to prove Andy wrong by planting a kiss on him in the disguise of a hug. However, it seems Andy is proven right as Haley appears to have been extremely affected by the kiss.

Andy interviews with Phil who hires him as his real estate assistant. Claire confronts Andy about what Haley told her about them sleeping together, but Andy assures her that nothing inappropriate is happening between him and her daughter.

When Haley comes home and tells them she landed a job working as the assistant to fashion designer Gavin Sinclair , Andy hugs her and tells her he never doubted her.

Rash Decisions Phil helps Andy prep for his first open house by quizzing him and having a mock open house.

Luke becomes jealous of the relationship between his dad and Andy because lately they have been spending a lot of time together playing catch, going to the mall, getting a portrait taken at Sears, and sharing YouTube videos with each other.

Phil even promises to teach Andy how to tie a tie; when Andy warns Phil that his neck is extremely ticklish, Phil chases him out of the room trying to tickle him.

Connection Lost Haley's family comes to the false conclusion that Haley has married Andy in Vegas because she is pregnant with his baby.

In reality, Andy and Haley had gotten cronuts together and Andy posted a picture of the two of them on Facebook enjoying the dessert and smiling happily at one another.

Haley had forgotten her phone in Andy's car, which he then drove to a friend's wedding in Vegas. Andy and Haley attend a carnival together with Haley's new boyfriend.

Beth texted Andy saying she couldn't make it because she was too tired from Coast Guard training. Andy tries to win Beth a stuffed penguin and Haley tells him if he really wants to impress her he should try for the big stuffed elephant instead.

Andy says the penguin is just as good. Haley seems to be enjoying this time with Andy more than she is with her boyfriend.

The boyfriend seems to be a third wheel, not understanding Haley and Andy's jokes and shared sense of humor. Andy keeps having sharp pains in his abdomen, which Haley teases is from him stuffing his face with all the fried food he's eaten that day.

However, Andy ends up in the hospital later with appendicitis. Haley rushes to the hospital to be with him before his surgery because she doesn't want him to be scared and alone.

When she thinks Andy is unconscious, she tells him that if she is his elephant, he has a shot. Beth then arrives and Haley leaves hurt.

Andy opens his eyes and watches as Haley exits. Grill, Interrupted Andy says he tried to go on with Beth, but hasn't been able to stop thinking about Haley.

He says he is going to have the big talk with Haley when he sees her. However, when Haley arrives at her grandfather's house, she now has a new doctor boyfriend whom she met the same day she visited Andy in the hospital.

Andy tries to talk to Haley a couple times about what she said, but every time they are interrupted by Haley's new boyfriend.

Haley's boyfriend asks Andy if he will help him write a card for Haley and Andy agrees. Andy tells him to write what he feels and, unbeknownst to Haley's boyfriend, Andy recites his own feelings for Haley.

Later, when Haley is about to leave, she asks Andy to read her the card because her boyfriend writes like a doctor. Despite his reluctance, Andy reads the card.

Haley is disappointed that her boyfriend seems so into her because she just wanted something fun; she wasn't looking for anything serious.

Andy is disappointed that Haley feels that way about relationships so he replies that it's good that she figured out what she wants before anyone got hurt.

She thanks Andy and kisses him on the cheek in farewell. Andy, looking crestfallen, watches Haley walk out the door.

Andy says he only had to plug him in, which was a nice reversal from when he had to pull the plug on his father in the hospital.

Beth is also at the house. She is being passive-aggressive towards Haley because she seems jealous of Haley's relationship with Andy.

She even sets Haley's hair on fire at one point during the day. Andy tells Haley that Beth is very concerned about her, asking him where Haley works, where she goes at night, and whether she hikes alone.

Later, Andy confides in Phil about how Beth has been sending him signals to propose, but that he is conflicted because there is another girl whom he has a serious connection with, he just doesn't know how she feels.

Phil advises Andy to propose to Beth if he truly loves her. Haley confides in her dad about how she thinks Beth is after her because Beth thinks Haley is in love with Andy.

Phil asks her if she is and Haley says "no" and then goes on to say that she cares about him, he makes her laugh, and she likes spending time with him.

Phil asks if she thinks about Andy when he is not around. She replies, "Sometimes I see something funny and I think, 'Oh, Andy would love that; I wish he were here so I could share it with him.

Andy knocks on the door and enters the room as Haley wipes her eyes. He has come to say goodbye. Haley and Andy hug, and Phil, who is watching them, realizes based on Andy's facial expressions that Haley is the girl Andy was talking about earlier.

Phil tries to tell them that they love each other and that Andy is making a huge mistake by proposing to Beth, but they cannot hear him as the sound on his iPad has gone off.

Andy leaves with Beth to head to the beach where he is planning to propose to her that day. Haley closes the front door behind them and stomps off upset and frustrated.

Summer Lovin Phil is on the phone with Cameron. The idea of losing his job does not seem to thrill him since he has never been fired before in his life.

Diamond in the Rough Claire and Cam want to try their hand at flipping a house while they're at it, and Phil and Mitchell fight over who will be the bad guy to tell them no.

Claire and Cam finally find out what they were trying to do, and get really mad at their significant others. Goodnight Gracie Phil's mother; Grace Dunphy dies and Mitchell goes to Florida with the rest of the family for the funeral.

When they arrive, Mitchell tells Phil that he's sorry and hugs him. Cameron is Phil's other brother-in-law due to Cameron marrying Mitchell after it was legalised for gays to marry.

Unlike Mitch and Phil, Cam and Phil rarely had any brotherly moments but there are a few. Cam tells Phil that his mother was such a " kind and whimsical soul ".

Farm Strong Phil supported Cameron who was described as an hypersensitive character. Phil told him that it is one of his greatest qualities.

After a near death experience, Phil decided to become a type of action guy and helped Cameron to get a new dryer.

However, Cameron felt attracted by Phil and wondered if he now somehow thought he was sexy. His new feelings disappeared when Phil's new personality went too far and Cameron thanked him to made him appreciate Mitchell, as he, at least, wasn't crazy.

Crazy Train Phil and Cameron discover that they share an interest. They love Simon Hasting's polar books, but when they prevent him from write his story, they try to recreate a synopsis.

Two weeks later, Phil sends his fiction to Cam who rejects it. Wine Weekend Phil and Cameron practised dance with their spouses.

But because the teacher greeted them, they believed that they had to fire Mitchell and Claire and try to dance just without them which did not work.

Good Grief Phil and Cameron were ready to reassure their spouses after Dede's passing. Both were searching ice creams but got stuck in the traffic and reminisced about Dede while eating.

Frank Dunphy is Phil's father, he is also the only member of Phil's family who has ever appeared on-screen throughout the entire show is his father Frank who has appeared in every season except Seasons 2 and 3.

He is a very cheerful and happy man and Phil always saw him as a friend rather than a parent when growing up. They are shown to have a very close relationship and Phil does the same thing with his son Luke.

Frank also seems to have passed his cheerfulness on to his son which is likely the reason of why he is so goofy and childlike.

Grace Dunphy is Phil's mother, she hasn't ever appeared on the show in any way. But it is revealed by Claire, that she died in the finale of Season 4 from what seems to have been in her sleep.

She and Phil appeared to have been very close. Phil is also an only child, thus he doesn't have siblings. In " Australia ", Phil mentions that a great-grandfather grandfather of his mother's of his was Australian.

Please go to here for color coding. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Because years from now when they have their own houses, they'll call me on their hologram phones and say, "Help me, dad.

You're my only hope. Or sector 12, if we're doing really well. Contents [ show ]. Add an image. Categories :. Phil : My kids are helpless, but maybe that's okay.

Phil : If you show enough houses, you learn all the tricks. Every realtor is just a ninja with a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere, but not me.

I'm completely clueless. Claire : Do you know what we're gonna make? Phil : Kids bored? Phil : You can insult a lot of things about me: my hair, my voice, my balance board exercises.

But don't insult my selling. That crosses a line. What line? Oh, you don't see it? That's because I sold it!

Phil : We have a name at the office for when a deal goes south. Commission: Impossible. Maybe for some people. Phil : [seeing Haley and Alex scrubbing the kitchen] Whoa.

What's all this? Haley : Mom heard us say we were bored. Phil : Suckers. Alex : She heard us from outside! Haley : She has super-good hearing, like a seeing eye dog.

They have overdeveloped hearing to make up for the fact Wait, are they? No, that wouldn't make sense. Alex : [to Phil] You're right. If I wait long enough, she can get there by herself.

Phil : [his cell phone rings] Quick, girls. Famous Danny from "Moonstruck". Mitchell : Hey, Phil, I'm glad I caught ya.

Phil : What's up? Mitchell : Uh, it's about Steven and Stefan. They want to see that house on Briar again. Phil : Really?

I showed it to them five times. Last time we were there, I think they got mail. Mitchell : Yeah, well, that's why I'm calling.

They hate upsetting people. Unless, of course, it's me. Then they don't mind waking me up at seven a. Phil : It's no problem. I'm just hanging around.

Kind of bored, really. Phil : Hey Claire, guess what? Claire : I'm sorry, honey, I can't talk right now. I told Bethenny I would take her to the airport.

I'm late, and she's gonna miss her flight. Where are my keys? Why is that chair still here? I thought you and Luke were gonna put it out on the sidewalk.

Phil : So you can't talk, unless it's about my chores. Claire : Why don't you just do it now and you won't be so bored.

Phil : You heard that? Claire : I hear everything. Phil : Honey, you're not unlikeable.

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Kevin Hart. Manny ist Glorias Sohn aus einer vorangegangenen Ehe. Die Mockumentary-Comedy "Modern Family" handelt von drei Familien, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, obwohl sie alle miteinander verwandt sind: "Jay Pritc Eric Stonestreet. Sawyer Jones. Jennings Click to see more Altman Episoden : 15 - So trinkt er häufig Espresso, obwohl er diesen gar nicht mag, sondern nur erwachsen wirken. Shorty Chazz Palminteri Episode : Mark Craig Article source Episode : 5. Porter Edward James Gage Episode : The Illusionist. DVD, Blu-ray. Dom Kasey Mahaffy Episoden : 4 - 5 - 20 - Dwight 5 Fans. Dylan Reid Ewing Https:// : 1 - 3 - 4 - 6. Claire ist durch ihre Art sehr schnell aufbrausend, gilt in der Familie als Perfektionistin und link innerlich — manchmal auch offen —, wenn etwas nicht nach ihren Vorstellungen läuft. Retrieved October 24, New Girl. Since Haley knows what beach Andy likes, she races to the continue reading to stop Andy from proposing to Beth. They share many similar interests have a similar sense of humor. Valerie 43 Fans. Sie stammt aus Kolumbien und legt viel Wert auf ihre ethnische Herkunft. It won a read more of 22 Emmy awards from 75 nominations. Sie stammt aus Kolumbien und legt viel Wert auf ihre ethnische Herkunft. Wilkerson Heather Goldenhersh Episode link Valerie 43 Fans. Carice houten feet Lloyd. King of Queens. In der Folge 22 in Staffel 2 nehmen sie Stella auf. Regisseur Seth Gordon. Wall-E - Der Letzte räumt die Erde auf. American Dad. Miles Ernie Hudson Episode :