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Last tango in halifax

Last Tango In Halifax Staffel-Info

Last Tango in Halifax ist eine britische Comedy-Drama-Serie, die am November auf BBC One ausgestrahlt wurde. Die Drehbuchautorin Sally Wainwright hat die Geschichte der zweiten Ehe ihrer Mutter lose adaptiert. Die Serie spielt Derek. Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid lead a stunning cast in this heartwarming series. Alan Buttershaw (Jacobi) and Celia Dawson (Reid) are both widowed and in their. Entdecken Sie Last Tango in Halifax - Series 1 [2 DVDs] [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung. Last Tango in Halifax: Die Witwer Celia Dawson (Anne Reid) und Alan Buttershaw (Derek Jacobi) haben sich seit 60 Jahren nicht mehr. Last Tango In Halifax ist eine Serie von Sally Wainwright mit Derek Jacobi (Alan Buttershaw), Anne Reid (Celia Dawson). Finde hier alle Informationen zur 5.

last tango in halifax

TV Shows. Re-united after 50+ years apart, Celia and Alan decide to marry. At age 16, Alan's late wife failed to pass on his letter with apology for missing first. Last Tango in Halifax: Series 1 DVDs gebraucht und günstig kaufen. Jetzt online bestellen und gleichzeitig die Umwelt schonen. Last Tango in Halifax: Series 1. Last Tango in HalifaxAlan, Derek Jacobi, Celia, Anne Reid.

Last Tango In Halifax - Das komplette TV-Programm

A confession leads Gillian to doubt Robbie's character. Gillian rekindles an old flame. Folge 3 Folge 3 Nicht verfügbar in Deutschland, aber es kann durch Netflix freigeschaltet werden Neuseeland Celia makes an effort to accept Alan's past. last tango in halifax

TV Schedule. Sign In. Last Tango in Halifax — Season: 1 2 3 4 5. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again.

Alan, on farm, re-unites with childhood sweetheart "glamorous" Celia, learns his late wife kept them apart. Celia's daughter Caroline insults Alan's Gillian and lets husband John move back in.

S1, Ep2. Alan and Celia test sportscar and hold engagement party. Gillian tells son Raff secret of his dad's fatal accident, and copes with amorous Paul.

Caroline faces rumors of kissing teacher Kate; husband John faces visit of lover Judith. S1, Ep3. Raff is released but refuses to talk to Gillian,having learned of her session with Paul,and goes to live with Robbie.

London detectives investigate crimes from the past, unravelling secrets left buried for years. DI Jimmy Perez and his team investigate crimes within the close knit island community of Shetland.

John River is a brilliant police inspector whose genius lies side-by-side with the fragility of his mind.

He is a man haunted by the murder victims whose cases he must lay to rest. Lives of three siblings are disrupted when their recently widowed mother declares she's in love with a new man.

Tangled web of secrets, lies, rivalries and betrayals eventually leads to a murder. Yorkshire award-winning crime drama by Sally Wainwright following a young woman's release from prison after 15 or 16 years time served for murdering two police officers.

All she wants now is to find her younger sister. A Cambridgeshire clergyman finds himself investigating a series of mysterious wrongdoings in his small village of Grantchester.

A woman suspects her husband of having an affair. After following several lines of inquiry far more unravels including a streak of violence below the surface.

A drama dealing with the abduction and murder of a young black girl, soon to be adopted by her white foster family, and the trail of lies, blame, guilt and notoriety which follow.

A Welsh community devastated by tragedy is forced to confront difficult truths amid the search for justice. At age 16, Alan's late wife failed to pass on a letter from Celia, his longtime crush, with an apology for missing their first date and her forwarding address.

Both now have daughters with lover troubles. This is one of the series i liked the most. It is profound, comprehensive, extraordinary, unpredictable and the acting is super.

The variation in the character cast is magnificent. The authentic roll play sublime. It is one of the examples why I highly admire the British series.

It could be well a real life example of ordinary people with all their usual daily problems and emotions.

Nicola is my best favorite actress, I have seen her in River too. But nothing less to all the other actors without exception they are all of a very high class.

I me Dutch have learned a lot from the slang that used in the series. Although English subtitles are highly appreciated for me. I can't wait for the next series to come out.

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User Ratings. External Reviews. Judith arrives at Gillian's and accuses John of plagiarism, as his novel was inspired by her idea to write a novel based on Celia and Alan's romance.

John's infatuation and one night stand with Gillian is revealed in front of Robbie, inciting Robbie to punch John and walk out again.

At Caroline's, Celia and Alan deal with a drunken Lawrence and a shaken William, who has been assaulted at a cashpoint.

Alan is devastated by the news of Maurice's sudden death. At the wake, he and Celia decide to marry a second time so that this time they can share the day with family and friends.

Three months after the previous episode, William leaves for university, and Lawrence tells his mother he wants to live with his dad, who is now co-habitating with a pregnant Judith.

Gillian is jealous of Robbie's new partner, Cheryl Rachel Leskovac. Kate reveals she is twelve weeks pregnant; though Caroline is restrained in her presence, she is later overcome with emotion.

Gillian volunteers her and Caroline's services to plan Alan and Celia's second wedding. Alan and Celia visit Celia's estranged sister Muriel Gemma Jones , whom Celia fell out with when Muriel married a man whom Celia had been attracted to.

After a day out together researching the wedding, a drunken Gillian tells Caroline she deliberately killed her husband and staged his suicide, as she could take no more of his abuse and feared he'd one day kill her.

Caroline promises Gillian she will keep her secret. Caroline implores Kate to give her another chance and let her learn from her mistakes.

When Kate is rushed to hospital, Caroline drops everything to check that she and the baby are safe and well. Alan visits his first wife's grave and talks about Celia, seeking her blessing.

At Alan's stag party, Alan and Raff encourage Robbie to pursue Gillian, as they believe they are right for each other. Meanwhile, Celia puts her differences with Muriel behind her and tells her of her own unhappy first marriage.

The wedding takes place on Christmas Eve, with Kate playing the piano at Celia's request, and Caroline taking on the traditional duties of the bride's father.

At the wedding dance, Gillian flirts with Robbie and Kate asks Caroline to dance, with the two women promising to commit to each other.

The episode ends with Kate and Caroline, and Alan and Celia happy together, whilst John and Gillian demonstrate unease at their individual predicaments.

It soon transpires that Gary is Alan's son, a product of a brief affair he had in the s. Both Caroline and Alan are afraid of how Celia might take the news, given the unhappiness caused by her first husband's adultery.

Meanwhile, the news of Caroline and Kate's upcoming wedding brings out Celia's latent prejudices and an incident of homophobic bullying directed towards Lawrence.

John returns to seek solace from Caroline and her family in the wake of Judith's suffering a miscarriage, whilst Gillian has another casual fling with Robbie, despite his ongoing relationship with Cheryl.

At the end of the episode Gillian takes Celia shopping for a wedding outfit, so that Alan can sneak off and visit Gary behind his wife's back.

Alan's encounter with Gary leaves him enamoured. Meanwhile, as Judith has moved away to St Albans, John moves into Caroline's spare room, making Kate feel uncomfortable.

Gillian loses her job at the supermarket after Cheryl publicly humiliates her. Celia is devastated after Alan reveals his secret child, infuriated by his dishonesty and unsure of how to progress in their marriage.

She refuses to meet Gary after he invites all of Alan's family to dinner, and moves back to Harrogate to have some space and be close to Caroline.

Alan, Raff, and Gillian are impressed by Gary's success after learning how as a young entrepreneur he eventually acquired a multimillion pound empire.

Despite Caroline's efforts to counter her mother's despondency, Celia rejects both Alan and Caroline, refusing to attend her daughter's wedding.

Caroline warns her mother that this may irrevocably damage their relationship. Caroline and Kate exchange vows and rings in the company of friends, colleagues, and Caroline's eldest son William now Dean Smith.

Robbie tells Gillian he wants to marry her and wishes to support her financially. After John drives Alan back to the farm, he gets drunk with Gillian, and they sleep together.

Following the departure of the wedding guests, Celia visits Caroline and enquires about her day. Caroline is angered and hurt by her mother's behaviour, and uninterested in Celia's marital problems.

The next day, Gillian tells John he is a bad influence on her, and she cannot be with him, opting instead to accept Robbie's proposal.

Celia attempts to repair her relationship with Alan by meeting Gary and spending the afternoon with Alan's extended family. Caroline is distraught when Kate is critically injured in a car accident.

Alan and Celia rush to support and console her, and Caroline makes amends with Alan following her words at the wedding. They learn the baby has been delivered safely; Caroline breaks down in tears after hearing further information from the surgeon.

On the morning of Kate's funeral, Caroline decides to name their baby Flora Grace. At the wake, Caroline bonds with Kate's mother Michelle Hurst but is perturbed when Greg offers to provide paternal support to her and Kate's child.

Meanwhile, Celia is furious when she catches Alan sneaking a cigarette, in spite of his heart condition.

Caroline, struggling with her bereavement and postpartum depression, leans on Celia's emotional support.

Raff is delighted that Gillian and Robbie are getting married, though Gillian is anxious for Caroline to keep her secret.

Gary becomes increasingly paranoid when neither Gillian nor Alan is willing to get in touch. Unwilling to give up her career or place too much of a burden on her elderly parents, Caroline hires ex-pupil Holly Cara Theobold to be Flora's nanny.

Lawrence's behaviour at school becomes disruptive, leading Caroline to suspend him. Alan starts to distance himself from Gary when Gary's behaviour becomes increasingly needy and obsessive.

Gary offers to pay for Gillian's wedding and to put Raff through an accountancy apprenticeship in his business, though she is unhappy with both suggestions.

Meanwhile, Caroline is incredulous when John suggests they give their relationship another go. When Holly is revealed to be an alcoholic, Caroline invites Greg, a successful comic book artist, to become Flora's live-in sitter.

Last Tango In Halifax Video

Last Tango in Halifax Derek Jacobi(Alan) sings at wedding Christmas Eve 2013 episode Entdecke die 4 Episoden aus Staffel 5 der Serie Last Tango In Halifax. Die Witwer Celia Dawson (Anne Reid) und Alan Buttershaw (Derek Jacobi) haben sich seit 60 Jahren nicht mehr gesehen. Aber dann finden sie sich auf. Last Tango in Halifax jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes verfügbar. From award winning writer Sally Wainwright comes this. Last Tango in HalifaxAlan, Derek Jacobi, Celia, Anne Reid. Click here: | Last Tango in Halifax Last Tango in Halifax 5X2 Last Tango in Halifax S5E2 Last Tango in Halifax Episode 2 Last Tango in. Awaiting the birth of their child, Caroline and Kate make a decision. Staffel 1 Staffel 2 Staffel 3. Serienwertung 0 noch keine Wertung eigene Wertung:. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail benachrichtigt werden:. Willkommen bei Was gibt es Neues auf Netflix! Folge 2 Folge 2 Nicht verfügbar in Deutschland, aber es kann durch Netflix freigeschaltet werden Neuseeland Alan and Celia's first day as man congratulate, titanic stream hd can wife is filled with tension; a new arrival surprises everyone; Caroline buys John out of the house. Schreib einen go here Kommentarkriegsfilme liste Rezension oder Erinnerung. Rückkehr ins Haus am Eaton Place. Gillian resists a generous offer. Zusammenfassung Two widowed childhood sweethearts fall for each other all over again when they are reunited over the Https:// after nearly 60 years. Preisstand: John 24 episodes, Josh Bolt Gillian's worry prompts Raff alexander walzer Robbie to visit, and not wer die nachtigall stГ¶rt film stream excellent become closer. Caroline prepares to drive Gillian to the wedding, but her step-sister has cold feet. Support for PBS. Retrieved 29 March You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Lancashire discerned that the series was are firewall film charming special" within reading two pages of beowulf script. Summer TV Premieres.

Last Tango In Halifax - Inhalt & Info

Folge 2 Folge 2 Nicht verfügbar in Deutschland, aber es kann durch Netflix freigeschaltet werden Neuseeland Alan reveals his secret to Celia, who takes out her hurt feelings on Caroline. Ich kann die Einwilligung jederzeit per E-Mail an kontakt imfernsehen. Caroline makes amends after a shocking turn of events. In Partnerschaft mit Amazon. Zusammenfassung Two widowed childhood sweethearts fall for each other all over again when they are reunited over the Internet after nearly burning series fear the walking dead years. Celia makes an effort click accept Alan's past. Folge blasen bilder Folge 3 Nicht verfügbar in Englische serien stream seite, aber es kann durch Netflix freigeschaltet werden Neuseeland Celia makes an link to accept Alan's past. Staffel 2 von Last Tango in Halifax hat 6 Episoden. Sherlock Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihnen das bestmögliche Erlebnis zu bieten und den Traffic der Website zu analysieren. Awaiting the birth of their child, Caroline and Kate make a decision.

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