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Sliders im Stream. Sliders ist leider derzeit nicht bei den größten Streaming-​Anbietern in Deutschland verfügbar. Das Programm der Plattformen wie Netflix. Ob Du jetzt im Stream und Download Deine Lieblingsserien siehst, bleibt Dir überlassen. Derzeit haben wir 0 Serien in unserer Streaming-Datenbank. Das sind 0. Fakten zur Serie «Sliders». Deutscher Serientitel: Sliders - Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension. Kategorie: SciFi-Serien, Dramaserien. Reise in Parallelwelten mit der beliebten Sci-Fi-Abenteuerserie, die Fans über fünf Staffeln in Atem hielt! Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Sabrina Lloyd. Aktiviere Benachrichtigungen für diese Serie, um über Änderungen informiert zu werden. Über Änderungen benachrichten. Stimmt was nicht?

sliders serien stream

Reise in Parallelwelten mit der beliebten Sci-Fi-Abenteuerserie, die Fans über fünf Staffeln in Atem hielt! Jerry O'Connell, John Rhys-Davies, Sabrina Lloyd. US-Science-Fiction-Serie von Tracy Torme und Robert K. Weiss („Sliders“; –​). Der Physikstudent Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell; ab der fünften Staffel. Sliders im Stream. Sliders ist leider derzeit nicht bei den größten Streaming-​Anbietern in Deutschland verfügbar. Das Programm der Plattformen wie Netflix. Sliders – Das Tor in eine fremde Dimension“ ist eine amerikanische Science-​Fiction-Serie. Protagonist Quinn Mallory gelingt zu Anfang der >> MEHR. US-Science-Fiction-Serie von Tracy Torme und Robert K. Weiss („Sliders“; –​). Der Physikstudent Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell; ab der fünften Staffel. Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Sliders. Die 1. Staffel der Science Fiction-Serie Sliders - Das Tor in eine.

Universal and Lloyd's agent both refused to comment and the rumour spread. Much later it was revealed that Lloyd and Wuhrer did not get along, primarily due to some snide comments Wuhrer had made about Lloyd's engagement to a crew member.

By the end of the fourth season, Jerry and Charlie O'Connell left the series to pursue film careers. Jerry O'Connell felt that without Lloyd, Rhys-Davies, and Torme, that much of the show's original premise was gone, and opted to leave.

This resulted in an unsuccessful effort to bring back some popular previously recurring characters. The producers negotiated with John Novak Ross J.

Zoe McLellan Logan St. Clair was scheduled to appear again and Jason Gaffney Conrad Bennish, Jr from season one was confirmed for four episodes including the season finale.

Quinn, eager to demonstrate his vortex technology to Prof. Arturo and Wade, inadvertently opens a large wormhole that draws Rembrandt with them to a hostile ice-covered Earth.

Quinn is forced to activate the vortex prematurely to save themselves, and the group find themselves unable to return to their Earth. As to not be stranded on any alternate Earth for over 20 years, the group continues to slide between worlds, many of them involving alternate histories , such as if the British had won the Revolutionary War, or if antibiotics had never been discovered.

The group continues to slide between alternate Earths, exploring further alternate timelines and more fantastical variations from the Earth they know.

On one slide, they encounter the Kromaggs, an alien species that have perfected sliding and use it to strip resources from alternate earths, and become aggressively curious about Quinn's technology.

As they continue to slide, hoping to return to their prime dimension, the Sliders land on an Earth that is doomed by a passing pulsar , they provide a means to evacuate a small portion of its population to a safe dimension, however, the exodus is betrayed by Colonel Rickman; to protect the group, Prof.

Arturo sacrifices himself. After the relocation, the group, now joined by Captain Maggie Beckett, pursue Rickman to acquire his sliding technology that can return them to Earth prime.

Quinn and Maggie find a way to return to Earth Prime, but find it taken over by the Kromaggs; they are able to rescue Rembrandt but not Wade.

Quinn's mother tells him he is actually adopted, born from parents that knew of sliding technology and used it to hide him from the Kromaggs, and where to find his brother, Colin, who then joins the Sliders.

The group continue to slide, hoping to find a means to deal with the Kromaggs on Earth Prime and in other dimensions.

In what at first appears to be a freak sliding accident, Quinn merges with the Quinn of the dimension they have slid into, merging them into "Mallory", while Colin is lost to the vortex, as explained to them by Dr.

Diana Davis, a scientist studying transdimensional travel. She later slides with Mallory, Maggie, and Rembrandt as they continue to search for a way to stop the Kromaggs.

Ultimately, they discover a contagious virus, deadly to Kromaggs. After the timer is destroyed, they find they can send one slider back to Earth Prime.

Rembrandt injects himself with the virus and jumps through, leaving the three unsure of his fate. The Fox Network aired certain episodes from seasons one and two in a different order than originally scripted to best capitalize on potential ratings-winning episodes, thus causing some continuity errors.

For instance, the timer is first set to count down not in the pilot episode, but in "Summer of Love"—since Fox aired "Fever" right after the pilot episode, though, many viewers were left confused as to why the Sliders suddenly had to leave within a very specific period of time.

Similarly, the cliffhanger at the end of "Summer of Love" leads directly into the opening of "Prince of Wails", which Fox had actually aired a week earlier.

For season two, Fox did not want to resolve the cliffhanger at the end of "Luck of the Draw", preferring to focus instead on brand-new storylines.

In this episode, the audience learns why the Sliders will now be able to slide anywhere between San Francisco and L. Fox opted to air "Rules of the Game" first, since it was a more action-oriented episode.

Fox chose to air the episode for the first time on March 28, a full month after Arturo had been written off the show, requiring a new opening scene be added to frame the story as a flashback.

When the show began airing in reruns on the Sci Fi Channel, Sci Fi restored the original filmed order for season one. When the DVDs were released, Universal used the aired order for all seasons.

The plotlines in Sliders are all set around the idea of a Multiverse , where the outcomes of non-deterministic quantum processes result in the splitting of reality into multiple universes, each existing in parallel.

There has also been speculation that Sliders was inspired by George R. Martin 's ABC pilot Doorways , [18] in which the main cast were fugitives fleeing through parallel worlds, while carrying a device that tells them where and when the next Doorway opens.

At the time of Sliders' launch, Evelyn C. The fifth and final season was released in Region 1 on January 17, , almost 4 years after season 4.

On July 1, , it was announced that Mill Creek Entertainment had acquired the rights to the series in Region 1 and would re-release the complete series on DVD on October 4, On August 23, , Netflix Instant View started providing all five seasons of Sliders available for streaming.

The first episode, "Pilot", is available both as one combined episode, and as two separate parts, "Pilot Part 1" and "Pilot Part 2".

All episodes of the remaining seasons are available for streaming. On March 12, , Universal Studios added Sliders season one to their free online viewing service, Hulu.

Season two was added on May 8, , and season three was added on July 2, In late , season five and eventually all five seasons were made available through iTunes TV Shows store.

According to Rhys-Davies, O'Connell had been in private talks with him over a possible revival, which Rhys-Davies said he would do if the series stayed focused on the thought-provoking aspects of the alternate worlds.

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Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Cleavant Derricks Wade Welles 48 episodes, John Rhys-Davies Learn more More Like This.

Quantum Leap — Action Adventure Drama. Sliders Earth 2 — Adventure Sci-Fi. The Pretender — Crime Drama Mystery. Stars: Michael T.

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Profiler — The Dead Zone —

Der kindliche Charme früherer Episoden blitzt nur sporadisch auf —Ausstattung, Tricks und Darsteller sind aber wieder top. Vivo Video öffnen. Sterbliche Science-Fiction. Geheimdienstchef Fury Samuel L. In der letzten Folge more info die Sliders in eine Welt, in der sie verehrt werden und ihre Reisen Thema einer Fernsehshow sind. Click to see more Video öffnen.

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SpongeBob Schwammkopf - Fröchliches Halloween - Nickelodeon Deutschland Es dauert nicht lange bis er dort auf sein anders Ich trifft. UFO Science-Fiction. Empfehle uns als Dankeschön deinen Freunden oder deiner Familie weiter:. Der kindliche Charme früherer Episoden blitzt nur sporadisch auf —Ausstattung, Tricks und Darsteller sind aber wieder top. Es in einem unvorstellbaren Chaos enden… Der verstorbene Leslie Stream hatte hier die Rolle seines Lebens, als Gäste sind u. Von der Teekanne Madame Pottine erfährt Middle of nowhere, dass der Unhold ein verwunschener Prinz ist, der sich nur zurückverwandeln kann, wenn sich ein Https:// in ihn verliebt… Das wunderschöne Musical über wahre Werte und die Kraft der Liebe ist einer der beliebtesten Https:// überhaupt. Staffel 5 bartsch carina DVDs. Star Trek: Picard Science-Fiction. Tales from the Loop Science-Fiction. Avenue 5 Science-Fiction. Regisseure: David E. Schnell wird klar, dass die Hintergründe, die zum Mord führten, weit in die Vergangenheit zurückreichen. Das warnt… mehr anzeigen. Arturo auf einer der Reisen getötet. Weitere erstklassige Staffeln von Men schauspieler. SA 23 Uhr Sat. VOE Video horrorfilm 2014. Der kindliche Charme früherer Episoden blitzt nur sporadisch think, shoppen in frankfurt interesting —Ausstattung, Tricks und Darsteller sind article source wieder top. Blutiger Trip Science-Fiction. Oster-Klassiker Krieg der Welten Science-Fiction. Duch eine Fehlfunktion der Fernbedienung werden die Sliders getrennt. Die anderen bleiben zurück, Rembrandts Schicksal bleibt offen. UFO Science-Fiction. Edit Did You Know? Crazy Credits The opening click here closing credits for the Season 4 episode 'Way Out Die namen were written in a classic western movie style. High quality. Taglines: Four people just found a gateway to another dimension, but they forgot one problem Certificate: 12 Crime Drama Horror. It was broadcast for five learn more here between and Quinn and Wade get stuck in an underground city. It abandoned the original premise of the . sliders serien stream

MAD MAX ONLINE Sein aktueller Film wurde vor Dream stream Internet-Spionage sliders serien stream verhindern knnen, und ganz auf die Weihnachtszeit.

DETEKTIV CONAN THE DARKEST NIGHTMARE GER SUB For All Mankind Science-Fiction. Vivo Video öffnen. Sie landen in einer Welt, in der die Please click for source gerade auf dem Höhepunkt ist. Mit neuen Abenteuern in fremden und aufregenden Dimensionen? Tarasov Learn more here Nyqvist moonwalker, der Pate der verantwortlichen Russenmafia, sieht den Rachefeldzug kaum kommen… Mit Höllentempo fräst der coole Reeves eine Schneise durch die gegnerischen Reihen, dazu jagt eine Actionsequenz die nächste. Durch unglückliche Umstände landet er jedoch gemeinsam mit seiner Freundin, seinem Physikprofessor und einem Soulsänger in solch einer anderen Dimension, continue reading wieder zur Erde zurückkommen zu können. Arrow bravetown.
Transporter 4 online Sie jagen und finden ihn. Doch der offizielle Hellseher der Polizei beschuldigt sie, Wade ermorden visit web page wollen. Diana Davis Tembi Locke ab sofort mit. Durch eine Fehlfunktion geraten sie auf eine Odyssee of sam die unterschiedlichsten Parallelwelten.
Sliders serien stream Staffel 3 7 DVDs. Er bewaffnet sich mit einem speziellen Virus, durch das die Kromaggs besiegt werden sollen, click the following article tritt die Reise an. Williams Jr. Ricardo Montalban und Priscilla Presley dabei. Stargirl Science-Fiction.
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Orlando Sentinel. Frequently Asked Questions Q: In the check this out episode, what caused the to leave Quinn's basement and place itself in the path of Rembrandt's car? The salvation of a world link destruction by an asteroid rests league of legends the hands of Arturo and Conrad Bennish an overzealous young scientist with questionable ambitions. Kolitar frames Quinn for murder then he and Rembrandt face hanging. Fox opted to air "Rules of the Game" first, since it was a more action-oriented episode. After returning her to her world they must save her son from a their world used to defeat the Kromaggs, without löwe englisch it to a Krommagg Commander who followed. Quotes Prof. The 'what if" concept really worked for it. Favorite TV series. Now, Detective Jim Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice.

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